Research Group Marine Geophysics
Head: Prof. Dr. Tilo von Dobeneck (since 2005, 1985-2005 Prof. Dr. Ulrich Bleil)

Our research group combines methods of enviromagnetics, magnetostratigraphy, electromagnetics and sediment physics to analyze the composition, age and provenance of marine sediments. In the coast and shelf zone, we investigate how sediments are being sorted and distributed. To reconstruct changes of ocean and climate and variations in paleomagnetism, we analyze deep sea and continental margin sediments. We explore the physical and mineralogical fundamentals of rock magnetism, use and develop methods for magnetic exploration and offer competent Geo Consulting services for applied magnetics tasks. more »

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The Bremen Magnetics Lab, founded in 1985 by Ulrich Bleil, commands over supersensitive magnetometers to measure the magnetic remanence, hysteresis and susceptibility of rocks. We can determine sedimentary physical properties by non-destructive core logging both on- and offshore. Our self-developed innovative benthic EM profilers MARUM NERIDIS III and GOLDEN EYE map the magnetic susceptibility and electric conductivity of the seabed. All these facilities can also be used by science and industry partners on cooperation and service terms. more »

Magnetics Lab

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Cooperation and Service

At Bachelor and Master level, we offer lectures, lab and field practicals as well as thesis projects on the subjects of geo- and paleomagnetism, magnetic exploration methods and rock and environmental magnetism. We introduce into "Geoscientific Data Processing" and coordinate the Bachelor "Sediment Core" project course and the "Geoscientific Project" of the Master programs. As members of MARUM and ArcTrain, we offer an attractive research environment for Promotion in marine geophysics topics. more »

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Research group Marine Geophysics
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